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Rig & Ship Services

We offers maintenance and repairs for crane, winch and boilers


– Crane repairs of any brand
– Welding services
– Crane and Davit Inspections
– Load test
– Hatch Cover Repairs
– Winch Repairs
– Cleaning of hatchs and silos


Ship Repairs

Welding Services

Rig & Ship Services

The main goal of R&S Services is to offer quick solutions, reducing the downtime of your units and maximizing the safety of your operations.

  • Agility is our differential. The constant change of the ship operations  made Rig & Ship Services to became a specialist in swift and quality attendance.
  • Experienced and well trained staff committed to quality service and customer satisfaction.
  • Technical team available 24/24 to solve urgent needs.
  • We will always find the solutions for your techincal problems.
  • Very attractive services rates.
  • Spare parts fabrication

  • We take pride of services

Docking Services

For preventive and corrective maintenance, mainly for 5 yearly ship docking works, many spare parts will be required.We can supply the spare parts.

Often spare parts and components require a long delivery time.

R&S Services is able to manufacture similar parts locally and with warranty

What we do

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